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Gas Safe Brighton

A Small Local Business caring for Brighton and the surrounding community

HI My name is Michael Price, and I operate Gas Safe Brighton – a small family run business carrying out all aspects of plumbing and heating work with a real focus on gas safety inspections and Boiler installations.

The reality is, I appreciate that there are plumbers who simply let people down, and I understand just how frustrating and difficult it can be to find someone good honest and reliable. My hope is that after you have tried Gas Safe Brighton, you will tell your friends and family that we are as good as our word, and you will suggest they use us as well.

I’ve taken the time to speak with my customers who have dealt with other small businesses before trying us, and in many cases I’ve found they’ve had similar experiences. For example, I’ve been told of plumbers that completely failed to show up, and others speak of arrogant and impolite tradesman. Some people have tried larger businesses hoping for better service, yet still experienced problems. Typical issues (among many) have been because the service was very impersonal, and they often don’t get speak to the same person twice. Additionally, if multiple visits have been required, a different Engineer who is unfamiliar with the installation will arrive each time often causing confusion. This obviously makes it difficult to to form any kind of trusting relationship on any level.

All of the above along with the very real concern of high and hidden costs can be worrying and off putting when looking for a trade.Many people now look to online organisations such as Checkatrade, Or Trust A Trader, however if you do some research, you will find these organisations are in many cases fueled by fake tradesman reviews – I do not subscribe to them for that very reason.


Gas Safe Brighton are the solution..


Gas Safe Brighton are unlike the vast majority of other businesses.

For example when you phone or email, you will deal personally with me, and no matter how big or small the work is, I will be either the only one in your home, or I will be supervising.

I will answer your questions personally and I’m always accountable – that’s a guarantee.

Additionally unlike other engineers Gas Safe Brighton will not try to tie you into buying any particular product or appliance from any particular manufacturer (businesses will often do this in order to receive supplier and or manufacturer kickbacks).

I will only offer advice based on whats best for your home,your budget and your needs. I will give you solid practical and technical advise, and will not attempt to influence you in any way other than for your benefit.

Your needs are the priority, not the other way around.

Are You struggling financially ?


Do you have essential plumbing repairs or a boiler breakdown but can’t afford to have the work done ? Trust me, you are not alone with this. Many people are struggling financially today and I understand how it feels to be in this situation. If you can show me that you are genuinely having difficulties, and you have work that just can’t wait, I will help as much as possible..

This is a genuine offer for people who are in a tight spot, and my aim will be to reduce labour costs where I can.

I’M not a charity but I will honestly help if I can see that you are in need. Absolutely no credit is involved at all, but certain criteria will have to be fulfilled in order for me to help and prevent those who may try to exploit this offer. Contact me for details, I promise I will treat you with compassion, understanding, and and everything we discuss will be confidential.

All the very best,

Michael Price.

Gas Safety Inspections £45

Gas safety is important, and should never be ignored

Keep your home and family safe & Book your Gas Safe Inspection today !