General Gas Safety.


Remember, checking if your home is gas safe with Gas Safe Brighton can cost as little as £45 !


Nearly every U.K household has at least one gas appliance, however most consumers aren’t aware of the risks involved if that appliance isn’t properly maintained. Below, I’ve put together a few facts and statistics that you may find interesting, maybe even shocking. Please take a minute to have a read through and feel free to contact me if you need advise, have any concerns, or if you would like to book an appointment.


Q – What is Carbon Monoxide and why should I be aware of it ?

A – Carbon Monoxide is a colorless odorless gas and is a by product of the combustion process. An unchecked gas appliance appliances which is not operating correctly can create potentially deadly Carbon Monoxide, putting you and your family at risk.

Q – What are the effects of Carbon Monoxide poisoning ?

A – Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning can include headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. If exposed to higher levels the effects can cause loss of consciousness and death. Prolonged low level exposure over time has been linked to heart disease.

Q – What can I do do prevent the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning in my home ?

A – Contact Gas Safe Brighton and we can carry out a thorough gas safety inspection at your property, but as a minimum you should have a battery operated CO detector fitted in your home (available from most builders or plumbers merchants).

Q – You live in a rented property, does it have to be inspected for gas safety ?

A – Yes all rental properties without exception must be professionally inspected annually. A copy should be provided for tenants. Landlords who do not adhere to this law are liable to prosecution.

Q – I own my own property – does it have to be checked ?

A – Not by law ! But this means the likelihood of there being an issue is far higher as the assumption is that the gas appliances and gas supply pipework will have probably not have been checked since the last appliance was installed.

Did you know

Annually in the U.K Carbon Monoxide kills an average 1 person per week, and results in around 4000 medical visits, additionally approximately 250,000 homes exposed to high levels.

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Gas Facts – gas explosions are obviously devastating and can easily raze a building to the ground, and they are sadly not uncommon.

The risk of explosion due to a gas leak can come from any appliance,but the most common cause comes from one of the most commonly owned appliance, the Gas Hob.

Gas leaks from badly installed or neglected appliances,and old pipework are a major risk.We can remove the uncertainty and give you peace of mind, by checking all installation pipework for gas tightness.

I have personally conducted thousands of Gas Safety Inspections and use the latest technology to ensure your safety. You can have your appliances and gas supply pipework checked today for as little as £45 !

Checklist for a Gas Safety Inspection:

  1. Check appliances are correctly set for and are achieving complete combustion.
  2. Check appliances are suitable for the room in which they are located.
  3. We will ensure all appliances are physically stable and correctly and safely connected to the gas supply pipework.
  4. The appliances have adequate and permanent air supply which is suitable for the installation.
  5. All flues are clear and solidly positioned, they have brackets fitted where necessary and operating as per Manufacturers Instructions.
  6. All safety devices are functioning correctly.
  7. A Flue Gas Analysis Device will be connected to any appliance which has a flue (or a flue-less gas oven) and tested to ensure that the appliance is running within required parameters. A print out will be provided to the homeowner or tenant.
  8. Installation pipework will (as far as possible) be visually inspected and all pipework tested for gas tightness.

Gas safety is important, and should never be ignored – Keep your home and family safe – get in touch today !

Remember, checking if your home is gas safe with Gas Safe Brighton can cost as little as £45 !

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